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Tree Tops Park Engagement Photos | Kyrstin + David

tree tops park engagement pictures

They met at their church’s young adult group and became really close friends over short period of time. Kyrstin got accepted to UCF shortly after their friendship had flourished and she moved to Orlando. Right before she moved away, David decided to profess his love to her! Luckily for him the feelings were mutual and their friendship now blossomed into a beautiful relationship. They dated long distance for 2 years before he popped the question right before he moved back to Miami. Thankfully their long distance relationship only strengthened their love and made their bond even better!

Kyrstin and David are some of the sweetest people we’ve ever met! We love how their relationship is centered on God and how they love each other so deeply! We got to witness this wonderful connection they have as we shot their engagement session on Tuesday. We were originally scheduled to shoot their engagement session in September, but we unfortunately got rained out. Thankfully this Tuesday was a perfect day and the rain held off until the very end as we were wrapping up the session. We loved our time with these lovebirds and we are so excited to share some of our favorites from Kyrstin and David’s Tree Tops engagement!

tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0437tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0438tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0439There was just so much joy and laughter throughout this session! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0440davie wedding photographertree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0443tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0444tree tops park engagement photosThe sun would peek through the trees every so often and we would squeal with delight every single time! tree tops park engagementtree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0447tree tops park engagement picturestree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0449tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0450Aren’t they the cutest?! tree tops park engagement tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0452tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0454tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0455This spot was the coolest! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0456tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0457tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0458tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0459tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0460Probably one of the coolest ring shots we’ve ever done! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0461tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0462tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0463tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0464And then the sun came out again and we were loving every minute of it! tree tops park engagementtree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0466We LOVED the idea of having a picnic :) tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0467tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0468tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0469tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0470One of our favorites!!! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0471tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0472tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0473tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0474tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0475tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0476Totally obsessed with these two! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0477And although it started raining towards the end, we stayed just to get these few shots and we love them! tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0478tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0479tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0480tree-tops-park-engagagement-photos_0481

Kyrstin and David, you two are so special and we are so glad you chose us to be a part of this beautiful journey! We loved our time with you both and we cannot wait for your wedding in February!

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