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Wynwood & Brickell Engagement | Vivian + Alex

You wouldn’t believe how Vivian and Alex met for the first time! It was because of a car wash, yes you read it right, a car wash! Vivian’s car was dirty, Alex washed it and the rest was history! These two are so stinkin’ cute together and their engagement session was a perfect reflection of their love. They are just plain fun! We love Vivian’s spunky personality and we are truly amazed at how she will see beauty in literally everything! Alex is more laid back, but knows exactly what to say and do to make her laugh! They wanted something different and unique for their engagement pictures, so we headed to Miami’s Art District in Wynwood. Everything there is funky and fresh and so awesome as a backdrop to this gorgeous couple! We later headed to Brickell and took some pictures by the water. Towards the end of our shoot a random stranger even let us hop on his boat to take some more pictures!

We had the greatest time with Vivian and Alex and we definitely laughed a lot! They braved the Miami heat and had the best attitudes during our entire time together. We are so excited to share these pictures with you all today!

Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0002Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0003Her laugh was contagious! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0004Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0005Boom baby! Look at those model faces
Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0011Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0012They really love soccer so they decided to incorporate it into their engagement session! We thought it was adorable! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0013Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0014Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0015Then one more quick change and we stopped at a special spot they go to often in Brickell. It was right off the water, with a beautiful view of the city. Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0016Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0017Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0030Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0018Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0019Another favorite!!!
Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0020Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0021This little gem of a spot was right next to an inlet, with the worst smell ever! These two were such troopers and held it together the entire time! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0022Ok I know I’ve said it twice already but this is another favorite! It’s just so hard to chose!! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0023Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0024Gorgeous ring! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0033Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0025Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0031And then the nice stranger let us use his boat!!! Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0026Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0032Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0027Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0028Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0029Wynwood-Art-District-Engagement-pictures_0034My stool makes an appearance again! Maybe we should name it! Any suggestion?!? Haha!

Vivian and Alex, you two are awesome together and we had so much fun with you both! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this special season in your lives. We can’t wait for the wedding in October!!


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