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Vizcaya Engagement Pictures | Amanda + Felix

vizcaya engagement pictures

Maybe you’re wondering if we ever get tired of shooting engagement sessions at Vizcaya? But the answer is and always will be… NO WAY! We love everything about shooting there, and the more couples that request this as the location for their engagement sessions, the happier we are. And the fact that Amanda and Felix came down to Miami all the way from Pennsylvania for their session was the best part! They’re tying the knot next week in Marco Island and we could not be more excited about their wedding day, especially after our time with them on Sunday. They are truly special and have an amazing chemistry together. We had amazing light and a beautiful couple completely in love, needless to say, we were in our happy place!

This past Sunday was our first time meeting Amanda and Felix in person and we were in awe of their chemistry and connection. Since they live in Pennsylvania, when we first met we  Skyped with them and saw how cute they are together, but this Sunday we were able to witness that cuteness live and in color. They claimed to be nervous about the photos, but we didn’t believe them one bit. Right from the beginning they were laughing and smiling with each other as if they’d done this a thousand times! We think they may be models but are just trying to be humble about it ;) We had so much fun with them both and we are counting down the days until we see them again and get to be a part of their big day! Here are some of our favorites from Amanda and Felix’s engagement session!

vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0317vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0318vizcaya engagement picturesGuys, this was one of the first shots! Do you see why we didn’t believe them when they said they’ve never done this before?! vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0320vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0321vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0322vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0323So as we were working on these pictures, we noticed that Amanda totally looks like Taylor Swift, right?
vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0324vizcaya engagement photosvizcaya-engagement-pictures_0326vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0327Felix, you are one lucky guy! :) vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0328vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0329vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0330vizcaya engagement photosvizcaya-engagement-pictures_0332vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0333vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0334LOVE both of these images! vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0335vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0336vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0337vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0338vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0339That light though!!! vizcaya engagement photosvizcaya-engagement-pictures_0341vizcaya engagement picturesGoodness gracious Amanda, you are STUNNING! vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0343vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0345Cuteness factor= 1,000!
vizcaya engagement picturesvizcaya-engagement-pictures_0347vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0348vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0349Just excuse me while I have a swoon fest over here! vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0350vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0351vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0352How sweet are they?!vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0353vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0354vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0355vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0356Getting creepishly (I totally made that word up) close for a detail shot! ;) vizcaya-engagement-pictures_0357

Amanda and Felix, we are so excited to be a part of this journey and even more excited that we get to see you both again next week for your wedding! You two are so special and we loved our time with you both!

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