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Lifestyle Family Photos | Ben + Carolyn + Asher

It’s moments like these that we are extra grateful for Instagram and all it’s possibilities. Because this sweet family found us through Instagram and we couldn’t have been happier to capture their beautiful bond this past Saturday. They wanted some pictures inside their apartment and when we walked into their home, we couldn’t picture a more beautiful backdrop. This place that they made their home, with pictures of them all over the walls, and a warm sense of belonging was the perfect place to start our session. And the fact that there was nothing but gorgeous natural light streaming into their apartment, was definitely an added bonus!

From the moment we met Ben, Carolyn, and Asher, we were smitten with them. They are such a cute little family and Asher completely stole the show. He has to be one of the cutest 2 year olds we’ve ever met and his personality was the best! He was laughing and smiling the entire time and we had the best time with all three of them. We are so excited to share this cuteness with you all today! Here are some of our favorites from our time with Ben, Carolyn, and Asher!

spoont-family-session_0361lifestyle miami family sessionCan you see why Asher is so cute?! spoont-family-session_0364spoont-family-session_0365Oh my goodness! This little face just melted our hearts! spoont-family-session_0366spoont-family-session_0367spoont-family-session_0368spoont-family-session_0369Definitely a favorite!
lifestyle family photosspoont-family-session_0371We couldn’t help but smile during this entire session! :)spoont-family-session_0372spoont-family-session_0373I cannot stop laughing looking at this picture! We took out our reflector and when we put it down, Asher couldn’t get enough of it! spoont-family-session_0374spoont-family-session_0375This look! I can’t even deal! spoont-family-session_0376spoont-family-session_0377miami family sessionWe love this beautiful family! spoont-family-session_0379spoont-family-session_0380spoont-family-session_0381spoont-family-session_0382spoont-family-session_0383And because Asher couldn’t get enough of it, Vic had to try it out to see what the hype was all about! Haha! spoont-family-session_0384spoont-family-session_0385


Ben and Carolyn, we loved our time with you both and Asher! You guys are the cutest little family and we are so glad you chose us to capture such sweet memories for you guys! Tell Asher that he can come play with our reflector anytime he wants ;)


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