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Wedding Wednesday: Details

If there is something that every photographer loves to capture on a wedding day are the details. We swoon whenever we see shoes, rings, perfume bottles, bridesmaids dresses, and so much more. Details are a HUGE part of the wedding day and it is what makes your wedding unique. The details are what personalizes your the big day and makes it about you. If you really think about, most weddings have the same exact format, right? Most brides wear a white dress, have beautiful rings and pretty shoes. So what makes your day stand apart for the girl next to you? Your special and specific details!


From the all-illusive wedding dress, to the grooms tux, the shoes, and even the cufflinks, they all play an important part in making your day extra special. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is the getting ready time. That’s the time that I, as the photographer, am able to capture all the “little things” that actually make a great impact. I love capturing the bride as she gets ready for the big day because I think it reminds me of my wedding day and all the excitement I felt as I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. Your details are just as important as you are!


Although it may be time consuming and tedious, it is so important to really focus on all the details that are part of a wedding. As photographers, we pay special attention to the brides and grooms personal details. It ties everything together and is an important part of designing an album as well. Personal details are a great way to showcase your relationship and personalities! Another thing to consider when deciding on the little things are the colors and theme of such details. For example, if you have a classic, elegant wedding your personal details should match the overall feel of your big day.


Having lots of details is every photographers dream and when you see the images, it will be well worth the time and effort it may have taken to put everything together. We love when our couples have lots of goodies for us to photograph and love to see how excited they get when they see them in all the pictures. So go crazy with your details and make your wedding day as unique and special as you are :)

Happy Wednesday!

-Kristy & Vic

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