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Wedding Wednesday | Unplugged Weddings

Unplugged weddings are every photographers dream! Ok, well at least that’s what Vic and I dream of anyways. Unplugged weddings are when a bride and groom chose for their guests not to have any cellphones or electronic devices. They can either ask them via invitation to refrain from electronic devices during the wedding, or some couples go as far as having their guest place their devices in a box so they don’t use it. We have photographed one unplugged wedding and it was so amazing! As photographers we do whatever we have to in order to work around all the guests and make sure everyone is happy.  But there are times when we will have a family member ask us to move out of the way, or we get a giant iPad in our shot of the ceremony. With that being said, here are 3 reasons why we suggest unplugged weddings…

1.It allows everyone to enjoy the wedding and live in the moment.

We live in a society where everyone is permanently attached to their cellphones and mobile devices. (Yes, we are guilty as well). Instead of watching a wedding ceremony with their eyes and taking in the moment, most guests watch it through the screen of their phones. They are sometimes more worried about posting it to social media, than seeing the sweet moments the bride and groom share. In an unplugged wedding, all the attention is on the couple and everyone is able to live in that moment and truly enjoy the special day.


2. It looks better in the professional photographs.

There are many times when a guest will accidentally step into the frame of our cameras because they are trying to get a shot of the wedding on their phones. They can potentially ruin a wonderful shot that may not ever be repeated. It looks so much better when the guests are looking at the bride without a phone or iPad in front of them. It’s wonderful to see the guests reactions minus the mobile devices!


3. Unplugged weddings give an overall better experience for the guests and bride and groom.

Many times we miss the best moments in life because we are looking at our phones. Whether it is checking a text, posting to social media, or trying to take a picture, we miss those important moments that may not happen again. It is so much nicer to experience something beautiful, like two souls becoming one, with our own eyes, instead of through a screen. It is a better experience for the bride and groom because they will have all the attention on them and their guests will be able to enjoy it all.


If you are planning a wedding, or knows someone else who is, consider having it be an unplugged wedding!

Happy Hump Day friends!

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