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Working With Your Spouse

“How do you guys work as a husband and wife team?”

“I would kill my spouse if I worked with them”

“How do you separate your business and personal relationship?”

These are just some of the comments we get when people find out that we are a husband and wife team and that we work together. Most people are in shock and awe of the fact that we spend every single day together and we don’t hate it. They are convinced that working with your spouse is close to impossible but we’re here to tell you that it’s actually not that bad :)

By saying this, we don’t mean that every day is butterflies and rainbows around here or that we don’t get into the occasional “discussion” about certain areas of our business. Yes, we argue about things and yes, there are days that we get annoyed with each other. But we have learned how to work together and actually enjoy the process and time we spend together. Since going full-time we’ve been together almost every single day and although some days are challenging, it’s been the most amazing thing for us! So today, we’re sharing a few of our tips on how to work with your spouse!

working with your spouse

Tip #1: Figure Out Your Roles

This is the first step in reducing arguments and conflicts when working with your spouse. Take the time to figure out who does what in the business and how the other can support you in your role. For example, Vic’s role is to handle all the technical things in our business. From prepping equipment for a wedding day, to charging batteries, to culling and editing weddings, it’s ALL him. On the other hand, my role is to handle all the communication and marketing in our business like answering emails, blogging, social media, timelines, etc. We know our roles and while we do bounce idea off each other, we try not to interfere with the other persons role.

Tip #2: Know YOUR and Your SPOUSE’S strengths

One of the key things to making a working relationship between spouses succeed is knowing your own strength. The likelihood is that you have strengths that your spouse does not and you are good at things that they may not be good at. Focusing on what you can bring to the table can help ease any tension or power struggle that there could be. Knowing your spouse’s strengths and what they can bring to the table is just as important as knowing what your own strengths are. If you know their strength and allow them to thrive in their area of expertise it makes the working relationship easier on both of you. Let them flourish and grow in their area of strength and be there to support them when they need it.

Tip #3: Have Some Personal Time

Being together 24/7 is a cute idea and all, but sometimes you need time alone. Whether it be working out alone, taking a bubble bath, doing yard work, or anything else, your own personal time is sometimes needed. We really do love being together but having our own personal time every now and then is good for your relationship.

Tip #4: Don’t Take Yourselves Too Seriously

We are firm believers that laughter and joy makes everything better! Don’t take yourself or your spouse too seriously. What we mean by this is allow for jokes, humor, and joy throughout the workday even if you have “deadlines” to meet. Take a break from working even if it’s for a few minutes and turn on a song you both like to jam out to!

Tip #5: Separate Work and Marriage

Last, but not least, do yourselves a favor and allow for separation of work and personal time. Allow yourselves time at the end of the day where you don’t talk about work and have your own personal time. Around 6 pm every day we “close” our office, put away our laptops, and shut down our computers for the day. We then workout, make dinner, and enjoy some time together on the couch without talking about work. We have also made it a point to have a date night at least once a month where we are not allowed to talk about the business.

So whether you’re thinking about it or you already work alongside your spouse, following these tips will help make it easier to work together! You will learn to enjoy being around each other and actually love the fact that you get to work with your best friend every day :)

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