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Central Park Family Photos | Jacky + Andrew + Andres + Siena

This family. This beautiful, sweet, and loving family have completely stolen our hearts. Since little Siena was in Jackie’s belly we’ve been capturing their love for each other. They have become our favorite family to photograph and when they asked us to travel to New York to do a session during their first trip as a family of four, we didn’t hesitate one bit! We traveled at the beginning of November and the leaves were beautiful shades or amber, burgundy, and orange. I was completely in awe of the beauty of the fall season, since our leaves here in Miami are green all year long.  But even more beautiful than the leaves in Central Park, was this family that we have grown to love so very much. We are so excited to finally share the images from their session in Central Park in the fall!

Central-Park-Family-Photos_1242Our favorite little guy!
Central-Park-Family-Photos_1243Central-Park-Family-Photos_1244Central-Park-Family-Photos_1245Central-Park-Family-Photos_1246Central-Park-Family-Photos_1247Central-Park-Family-Photos_1248Let’s talk about that gorgeous little face!
Central-Park-Family-Photos_1249Central-Park-Family-Photos_1250Central-Park-Family-Photos_1251Central-Park-Family-PhotosCentral-Park-Family-Photos_1253Such a perfect family! Central-Park-Family-Photos_1254Central-Park-Family-Photos_1255Central-Park-Family-Photos_1256Central-Park-Family-Photos_1257Central-Park-Family-Photos_1258Central-Park-Family-Photos_1259Central-Park-Family-Photos_1260Central-Park-Family-Photos_1262Central-Park-Family-Photos_1263They had a little friend just randomly come up to them to say hi :)Central-Park-Family-Photos_1264I just can’t get enough of this face! Central-Park-Family-Photos_1265Central-Park-Family-Photos_1266Central-Park-Family-Photos_1267Central-Park-Family-Photos_1268Central-Park-Family-Photos_1269Central-Park-Family-Photos_1270Central-Park-Family-Photos_1271Central-Park-Family-Photos_1272Central-Park-Family-Photos_1273Central-Park-Family-Photos_1274We love us some Andres! He has literally been one the sweetest boys we’ve ever met and we love him! Central-Park-Family-Photos_1275And Andres especially loves Vic! Central-Park-Family-Photos_1276Central-Park-Family-Photos_1278Central-Park-Family-Photos_1279

Jackie, thank you for flying us out to New York in the fall. Your family means the world to us and we are so happy that we get to call you friends! We love you guys!

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