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Miami Beach Family Photos | Marrill Family

miami beach family pictures

When we photograph a wedding day, we love not only bonding and growing closer to our couples, but to their families as well. This happened to us a little over 2 years ago when we met Rochelle and Javier and captured their wedding day. We immediately fell in love with Rochelle’s mom and two sisters on her wedding day and we knew exactly where her sweet demeanor came from.  We just clicked with her entire family and had the best time shooting their wedding. We were so excited when Rochelle reached out to us and asked us to photograph her and Javier again, but this time with their beautiful baby girl and her entire family.

We felt like it was a big reunion when we saw the entire Marrill family again last Sunday. We were still riding the high from Cristy and Ibrahim’s wedding the day before and seeing this sweet family again just made our weekend! Rochelle and Javier, her sisters, their husbands and kids, her mother, and her grandmother all came together for this session and we had such a great time with them all. They braved the cold (Sunday was the first day the cold front rolled into Miami) and the wind from the ocean and were such troopers as we walked around South Pointe Park with them. The sweetest part for us was seeing Rochelle and Javier back at the very spot where we did their engagement session but this time with their baby girl, Penelope. We’re excited to be sharing some of our favorites from this awesome family session with you all today!

This is Rochelle and Javier ,who’s wedding we shot a little over 2 years ago, and their beautiful baby girl Penelope.  This is Michelle, Rochelle’s sister, and her beautiful family. The entire Merrill clan :) This family is the sweetest! This is Charolette, Rochelle’s other sister, and her hubby! Goodness gracious, these are some cute kids! Rochelle’s momma and her grand babies!

Rochelle and Javier, we cannot thank you enough for reaching out to us again to capture your growing family! We loved meeting Penelope and seeing your sweet family again. We love you guys! :)

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