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Amanda + Mark | Country Chic Engagement Session

Amanda and Mark met in California while they were both on a work trip. Amanda was just looking for a friendship with Mark, but he was persistent and he totally won her over! These two are crazy about each other and so cute together :) Most of you would never know, but Amanda is actually my cousin. She used to live here in Miami, and it was her family that brought me to my church for the first time! Mark is from Mississippi and we met him for the first time right before our session. They both live in central Florida now and they are so perfect for each other. When Amanda contacted us to be their photographers, we were absolutely overjoyed! I mean, how couldn’t we be excited to take pictures of these two! It was so hard to pick our favorites because these two looked amazing in all of the pictures! Prepare yourself for the ridiculous level of cuteness and fun coming your way :)

countrychicengagement01countrychicengagement02We loved what they wore! It’s so them and totally reflects their personality!
countrychicengagement03countrychicengagement04Love Amanda’s expression on the left! I believe we said something like “You guys are getting married” :)countrychicengagement05countrychicengagement06countrychicengagement07Amanda has the best laugh!
countrychicengagement08countrychicengagement09How appropriate is this tractor? countrychicengagement10GAH! Love this! countrychicengagement11countrychicengagement12Amanda, you’re seriously gorgeous! countrychicengagement13countrychicengagement14countrychicengagement15You both are SO cute together :)countrychicengagement16countrychicengagement17countrychicengagement18This is not an optical illusion! That is water and that is a bridge made from fallen trees! Vic crossed halfway to make sure it was safe for them and they were more than willing to go along with our crazy idea! countrychicengagement19countrychicengagement20One word: EPIC! countrychicengagement21countrychicengagement22They are so in love with each other! countrychicengagement23countrychicengagement24Kudos to Mark on picking a stunning ring! countrychicengagement25countrychicengagement26And then we found the money light! I think we even yelled that out loud when we got to that spot hahacountrychicengagement27countrychicengagement28AAAAHHHHH! Our favorite! If we can say we have a favorite because seriously look at these two!countrychicengagement29countrychicengagement30A quick outfit change! countrychicengagement31countrychicengagement32countrychicengagement33Gosh look at these two! countrychicengagement34countrychicengagement35So frieking cute! countrychicengagement36countrychicengagement37They are SO much fun! He literally carried her all the way to the next spot we shot at! countrychicengagement38countrychicengagement39countrychicengagement40ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! countrychicengagement41countrychicengagement42countrychicengagement43This sunset was so beautiful, we had to stay and take at least one picture!
countrychicengagement44countrychicengagement45countrychicengagement46Amanda and Mark, thank you both SO much for allowing us to capture such a beautiful season in your lives! You guys were so amazing during our time with you. We had so much fun with you both and we cannot wait for your wedding in February!

-Kristy & Vic

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