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Beyond the Basics | Miami Photography Workshop

Our hearts are about to burst! We cannot believe we can say that our first ever photography workshop is in the books! This past Saturday our dreams came true as we hosted our first ever Beyond the Basics with Kristy & Vic workshop! We gathered 8 up-and-coming photographers who wanted to learn more about manual mode and how to get better images from their DSLR cameras. We dove in to 4 hours of teaching with a hands-on shoot for our attendees to gain a better understanding of how aperture, shutter speed, and ISO works. We are humbled and honored that each of them would come to learn from us and excited to see what’s in store for them in the future. Thanks to our sponsors Moo, Lens Pro to Go, WHCC and CG Pro Prints, we were able to give our attendees lots of coupons and informational guides in their goodie bags. And an extra special thank you to our friend Monique from Only One Mark, Inc. who hand-lettered each name on their gift bags, as well as, put together our graphics and informational pamphlets for each attendee! I honestly don’t think there are enough words to describe how we feel about this experience of teaching other photographers. It’s a sense of fulfillment, joy, and pure excitement watching them light up and have those “aha” moments while we taught. The amount of positive feedback we received from each attendee blows my mind and makes me so grateful for opportunities like this. We’re already talking about our next workshop in the near future but, for now, we’re sharing a little recap of our first ever Intro to Photography Workshop!

You can’t come to one of our workshops without food! Thank you to Casa Gioia from the amazing cookies and brownies, they’re seriously some of the best we’ve ever had! Checking out the goodies we put in their gift bags! So, a fair warning, you’re going to see so many hand gestures. I seriously talk so much with my hands! Here we go with the hand gestures!
About to break into the “Single Ladies” dance or explaining Depth of Field, it could go either way. We LOVED seeing our attendees taking notes! “I’m not really sure what I’m doing but I sure try”“The sandwich was this big, but I was able to eat the whole thing”
I don’t even know what was happening here but we literally burst out laughing when we saw this one! Clearly,  I’m throwing out gang signs! Explaining metering and pointing out the best camera brand ;)Then we headed outside in the sweltering heat and humidity for the attendees to put into practice everything we just taught. Idana, our model/assistant/shooter, is seriously the best and we are so grateful for her constant willingness to help! “I give you… my right hand! Here it is in all it’s splendor”
It’s obvious there was something in the sky about to attack us, but not to worry, Vic was going to protect us all!
When we needed two models to show focus and depth of field, I was happy to jump in and take one for the team! Thanks to this amazing event photographer we gathered all the best moments on this day.
Our first ever workshop attendees who will always have such a special place in our hearts! 

Our experience this weekend with our workshop was better than we could have ever imagined! We will definitely be doing another one and we will keep you all posted on upcoming dates. Keep your eyes open, we may or may not be doing another one in September or October ;)

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