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Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaids

Oh the joy of having bridesmaids! It can either be the most amazing experience with your best friends or a not-so-great experience for you and them. They are going to be a part of the most important day of your life and they will be helping you plan every step of the way. We have seen bridesmaids who help ease the stress and some that actually cause more stress. So if you’re a bride, please think carefully about who you want next to you on the wedding day. If you’re a bridesmaid, remember that the bride chose you to share with her on her special day and she’s looking to you to help ease the stress of wedding planning.

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Bridesmaids are always a reflection of the bride. They should look just as gorgeous as you do and be comfortable with how they look. Yes, you are the bride, but these are your closest friend and family and you want them to feel just as beautiful as you. With that being said, a good bridesmaid usually won’t try to fight you on the color of her dress or the flowers in her bouquet. Give your girls some freedom; they will appreciate it and probably won’t fight you as much for the little things that involve them.

Once you choose your bridesmaids, let them know what you are expecting from them. It’s best to establish this from the beginning. I would also highly recommend that you delegate certain tasks to your girls. I know for sure there are some brides reading this that have OCD (like me) thinking there is no way they would let their bridesmaids take over anything for their wedding! But I’m telling you from now, not only because we planned our own wedding or because we see it every time we shoot weddings, but because there are WAY too many things to be done before and during your wedding day. Letting go is actually good for you and your sanity!

Remember to have fun on your wedding day! Isn’t this the reason why you chose these ladies to be a part of your day? Leading up to the wedding, take some time and spend it with your bridesmaids outside of the usual “wedding day” tasks. Enjoy their company leading up to the wedding day, as well as on the actual big day! Don’t stress it too much because no matter what, your girls are there to be with you and support you on this very important day!

Your bridesmaids will not only walk down the aisle on your wedding day but they will be there every step of the way leading up to it. Your wedding day will be the best day of your life and who better to share this day with than your favorite girls :)


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