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Crandon Park Engagement | Melissa + David

Their love story is one straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. She was a teacher that traveled to London with a group of students for 3 weeks. He was the tour guide for the group. (So yes, he is British! Haha!) After being together every single day for three weeks touring all of London, they knew there was something there. On the very last day of Melissa’s journey to the UK, David told her that he did not want her to leave. It took three short weeks for them to fall in love, and the best part is that they are still just as much in love today. They dated long distance for some time and after a few years, David left everything he knew, and moved here to Miami to be with Melissa. Friends, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is!?

Aside from having one of the cutest love stories we’ve ever heard, their chemistry together is so amazing. They compliment each other perfectly and we were literally swooning and squealing the entire time. We almost cancelled last Thursdays session with them due to the weather, and we should really learn by now that when we are thinking of cancelling, it ends up being the most beautiful day! We also witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets we’ve ever seen in Miami on that day! Melissa and David were so amazing to have in front of our cameras and we had the best time with them both! Friends, you are going to love this one! Here are more of our favorites from their Crandon Park engagement session!

crandon park beach engagementcrandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0339crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0340When one of the first shots is this perfect, you know it’s going to be an amazing session! crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0341crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0342crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0343crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0344crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0345This tree is amazing!! Probably the coolest one we’ve seen here in Miami! crandon park engagementcrandon park engagement picturesMelissa’s ring used to belong to David’s grandmother! Having this heirloom is so special for them both!
crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0352crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0348We didn’t even have to tell them anything, they are just naturally this cute and snuggly! crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0349crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0350crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0351
crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0353crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0354crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0355An outfit change and then we headed to the beach, which was absolute perfection that day! crandon park beach engagement picturescrandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0357crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0358crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0359I seriously cannot deal! This is just cuteness overload! crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0360crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0361crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0362crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0363Melissa, you are absolutely STUNNING! We really have the most gorgeous #kandvbrides!crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0364crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0365Definitely a favorite! crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0366crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0367crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0368crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0369crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0370crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0386crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0372And then we found this gorgeous little pocket of light! :)crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0373crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0374crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0375crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0376The sunset this day was unreal. I’ve lived in Miami my entire life and have never witnessed a sunset like this one!

crandon park beach engagement pictures

crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0378crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0388Seriously, look at this!! And this image does;t even do it justice!

miami wedding photographercrandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0381crandon-park-beach-engagement-pictures_0382

Melissa and David, this engagement session was a dream from beginning to end! You two are so special and we are so excited to be a part of your journey down the aisle! We are SO excited for your wedding in November!! :)

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