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Emma’s 10th Month

So in typical fashion, we’re posting Emma’s 10th month update 3 weeks before she turns 1. But rest assured, we will have her 11 month post done before she turns 1 (or at least we hope LOL) For today, we’re focusing on some of our favorite parts of her 10th month! For that entire month we had family living with us and Emma loved having her cousins here with her. We watched a lot of basketball games, played in the pool, celebrated Easter, and her new favorite activity: bike rides! During the quarantine, we bought a small seat that attaches to the front of Vic’s bike and a helmet for Emma. It’s officially her favorite thing ever and she even points and squeals when she sees the bike in our garage!

Emma is now more sturdy when standing and even has started crawling on all fours (although when she wants to go fast, she reverts back to her army crawl)! She has started to laugh as a response to us mentioning something she wants, like when we say “Do you want to watch Baby Einstein?” She learned how to scream from her cousin Caity and lets out these ear-piercing shrieks every once in a while. And she now will stand and take steps, while holding on, and transfer from one area to another. Her personality has truly begun to shine and we’ve got to say that this month has been our favorite yet! Here are some of our favorite memories and milestones during Emma’s 10th month:

  • Emma has yet to have any teeth break through! So while most kids her age have at least 4 teeth, Emma has 0.
  • She’s laughing at more things now and has this little giggle that she does at the most perfect times!
  • She loves the water and has thoroughly enjoyed her little kiddie pool
  • Bike rides are her favorite activity!
  • She continues to eat more than most kids her age and never seems to get full (guess she took after us in that aspect haha!)
  • Emma remains on the petite side for her age but this little girl is killing it with her milestones!
  • We are in utter shock of how quickly the time has gone and just can’t get enough of this sweet babe!


This girl LOVES bike rides with her Dada! Emma loves eating so much, as you can tell by these faces!
She also really loves the water and is the epitome of a summer babe!This was during the 2.5 weeks that all her cousins were living with us! We love this pic of the two babies together :)We were quarantined together so we took the opportunity to take these photos of the girls! Parents of 3 for almost 3 weeks and when these boys left we missed them so much! Emma’s first Easter was spent at home instead of church but we made the best of it and enjoyed it nonetheless Our oldest nephew actually took this photo of us! Emma’s hands are blocking it but her onesie says Baby Bear :)Also, these photos of her are the best! We just love her spunky little personality so much :)

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