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Emma’s Second Month

Emma is almost 12 weeks old and only a few weeks away from officially turning 3 months but we’re sharing her 2 month update today with you all! We will probably say this every month, but it’s truly been the best 2 months of our lives as we continue to get to know our girl better. She gets more and more easy-going as she gets older and has changed SO much just from her first to second month. We love putting together these blog posts simply for the fact that we get to relive some of our best memories with our babe. Month two has already proven to be so different than month one in the best possible way!

Emma has changed not only in her appearance but she’s changed more in her mannerisms and behavior. She started smiling at about 6 weeks and it completely melts our heart every time we see that gummy little smile. My mom sent us a video of one of Emma’s first smile while we were shooting an elopement the day she turned 6 weeks and our hearts burst when we saw that video. She’s still an AMAZING sleeper and yes, we do know how lucky we are to have such a great sleeper in this little lady! Our lives are better with her in it and here are some other things we’ve learned about our girl and our favorite memories with her:

  • Emma FINALLY likes bath time!! It was a struggle up until about 7 weeks and then one day she just stopped crying when we put her in the bath!
  • She is really the most easy-going baby and is perfectly content with just laying under her activity gym or sitting in the Mom-A-Roo when she’s awake.
  • She takes most of her naps in her crib and started putting herself to sleep with just the swaddle and the pacifier
  • Emma loves staring at people and has a pretty intense gaze
  • She continues to sleep through the night and since about 6 weeks does about 12-13 hours of night sleep with only one night waking to feed.
  • She continues to be a tummy-time champ and actually loves it!
  • She will nap pretty much anywhere even with noise in the background although her favorite place to sleep is still on us :)
  • Emma is finally ok with us changing her diaper and clothes and doesn’t scream when put her down on the changing table (Praise the Lord!)
  • We dedicated Emma to the Lord at church on August 11th and it was the best day for us and our families!
  • She started kicking and wiggling when she gets excited
  • Blowing in her face (gently of course) is hilarious! She does a little gasp and then just stares for a second as if she was confused
  • We were able to capture Emma’s smile on camera for the first time at 8 weeks!
  • She is happiest when she wakes up in the morning and gives the best smiles at that time
  • Her hair started getting really curly around 7 weeks and it’s actually changing color and getting lighter!
  • She is cooing and “talking” a whole lot and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be talkative just like her momma

We tried to get more photos with our cameras but honestly it’s just easier with an iPhone! So most of these photos are with our phones and a few with the camera but we hope you enjoy these memories and moments of Emma’s second month!

Bath time is finally an enjoyable experience :) But not everything is smiles and giggles. We literally laugh out loud every time we see these pictures! This activity gym is her favorite! Spending the weekend with her Tia and Tio when they came to visit! That pose on the left though LOL Her first time going out to dinner and she slept the entire time we were in the restaurant! This was the day we dedicated her to the Lord at our church!  And a huge thank to our friends Jenny and Ivan who sent us this customized blanket for Emma before she was born! This picture with Peanut is the best! 

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