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Our First Annual #kandvbride & Groom Party!

We’ve been hoping to write a blog post about this for a very long time! For years, we’ve had the desire to have a party for all our past and future couples, but we’ve just never could. We’ve always wanted to host it in our home and have never been able to due to space or time. This year was a bit different! We just moved into our new home and now had plenty of space for everyone, but we are now also living far away from most of our couples. We proposed the idea of having it in our home (which meant most of them had to drive 2 hours to get to us)  and when we got such a great response, we went for it! We are still in awe of the fact that some of these couples drove so far to come spend the afternoon with us! And even the couples who couldn’t make it last Saturday, even though they really wanted to, showed us so much love and encouragement when they promised to be part of the next one we have.

Last Saturday was complete with tacos, donuts, games, and some updated portraits of our sweet couples. There were tears of joy shed as we thanked them all for coming and so many laughs as we ate, mingled, and played games together. Our hearts were so full and I don’t think any of them will ever realize how much it meant to us to have them there. We’ve dreamt of being able to do this for so long and we’re so excited that we were able to make it happen! This experience was so great that we even talked about doing it twice a year so we could see some of our favorite people more!

This business is probably one of the greatest blessings we’ve ever been given. Not because of any money, but because of the amazing connections we get to make. So many of these couples end up becoming our friends and people we love to be around. We form relationships and bonds that go beyond shooting their wedding on one day, but on Saturday, it felt as though we were all family. Our couples built bonds with each other and seeing them talking and laughing together was the absolute best feeling! Words can’t describe what joy we felt this past weekend and we’re already trying to figure out how we can get together more often and when our next party will be! But for now, we get to share with you some highlights from our first ever #kandvbride and groom party!

We got each couple in front of our camera for a few portraits and started with these two cuties! Nikki and Eric got married at Cauley Square a little over 2 years ago!

And our dear friends, Meri and Martin, who have the sweetest baby boy! We’ve pretty much captured ever milestone in their lives and we love them dearly! Jackie and Jesus are getting married next year and even though we haven’t even shot their engagement session yet, they were such pros at posing! Danae and Ricky have been married less than a year and we loved everything about their Palms Hotel wedding last year! Jenny and Ivan are so special to us! Jenny has been in our lives for over a decade and we not only shot their wedding but I walked it as well! And last but not least, our sweet December couple, Cristy and Ibrahim, who everyone thinks looks just like us! (especially Ibrahim and Vic) They tied the knot only 4 months ago and we loved everything about their special dayWe started the day off by mingling and chowing down on appetizers, tacos, and donuts! Then we started off the games by playing The Newlywed Game! Needless to say, we laughed a whole lot! We then played Fishbowl and there was even more laughing! Jenny made a great soldier! And Ibrahim was the best dinosaur! Our beautiful brides! And handsome grooms! The whole tribe :)

We love these people SO MUCH and we cannot say enough how honored we are to be a part of their lives! They are some of the kindest, most genuine, and down-to-earth people we know and we are forever grateful to have been the ones chosen to capture their special days!

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