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Going Full Time!!!

This is a blog post I’ve dreamed about writing for years now and I can’t believe it’s finally happening! I’m literally crying as I write this and there are too many words and emotions to describe what I’m feeling! For almost 6 years we have been photographing portraits and weddings as a husband and wife team. Vic was able to get out of the 9-5 life and work on our business full time for the past 4 years. All the while, I have been working my day job as an elementary school teacher, working on our business, and gold trading to make some extra money on the side. Most days, I would sit at my desk and think about my dream job, wishing I could be like all the other photographers I saw on social media. For years, all I could think about was photography, quitting my day job, and “living the dream”.

It was a challenging time in our lives and I was overwhelmed often, especially within the last few years as our business grew. I managed to balance both (although some days I felt as though I wasn’t doing a very good job) and worked really hard to make sure that my responsibilities as a teacher and an entrepreneur were taken care of. It’s not that I didn’t like teaching, and it had nothing to do with my workplace or co-workers, but this business God gave us began to pull on my heart stronger each day. I prayed for the day that I could take the leap of faith and work full time with Vic! And that day FINALLY arrived!

Last week I officially resigned as an elementary school teacher!!! And I’m having a “pinch me” moment even as I write these words! My eyes fill with tears thinking about the fact that I can finally say that I’m a full-time photographer alongside my husband. On this journey to this dream job, there have been ups and downs, highs and lows, tears and laughter, but I wouldn’t change a single thing about this journey we’ve been on. And if there’s one thing I can say is that God’s timing is PERFECT and trusting Him was the best thing we could have done and will continue to do!


I’ll never take for granted the fact that I was able to impact the lives of children and now I get to focus even more of my time and energy to impact the lives of our couples. God is SO good and we’re so excited to announce that Vic and I are officially a full-time husband and wife wedding photography team!



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