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Miami Beach Portrait Session |Kaitlyn

When I have a daughter I want her to be just like this beautiful girl right here. It’s a strong statement, but it is the truth! Kaitlyn is not only gorgeous, but she is one of the sweetest girls we’ve ever met. She has a beautiful smile, an amazing personality, and is so genuine and kind-hearted. When we spent this past Monday with her, it was really such a treat for us! She wanted a photo session for her 15th birthday and she was a total natural in front of our cameras. Maybe it was all the years of dancing, but she had such a grace about her. We shot all along South Pointe Park in Miami Beach and headed towards the water during the end of the session for some of my favorite images! We LOVED our time with her and we are so excited to be sharing a few of our favorites!

Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0355Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0356Legs for days! Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0357Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0358Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0359Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0360Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0361Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0362Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0363So, so beautiful! I can’t believe this gorgeous girl is only 14! Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0364Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0365Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0366That light was so dreamy! Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0367Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0368Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0369Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0370Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0371Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0372Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0373Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0374Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0375My absolute favorite! Miami-Beach-photographersSpring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0377Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0378Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0379What do you do when your client is 5’8″ and you’re only 5 feet? You ask her to sit and you stand on a stool! :) Spring-Portraits-Miami-Photographer_0380


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