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Liz + Carlos | Portraits

This past weekend we got together with some of our favorite people, Liz and Carlos! For those that don’t know, Liz is Vic’s sister and Carlos is her husband. Liz is also a photographer so we are extra honored to be capturing her and Carlos, even if it was just for a little bit. They have three kids who we loves SO much, but on this day they were kid free and it was all about them! We took about half an hour on Friday and snapped away during the most gorgeous light ever! Both of them mean so much to both of us and we had a blast photographing them! The four of us may have trespassed a little bit to get to these spots but it was definitely well worth it!



Liz, you’re absolutely stunning! 2014-12-02_00042014-12-02_0005Can you believe that she has given birth to three children? I hope I look this good after kids! 2014-12-02_00062014-12-02_0007This light was SO yummy!!! 2014-12-02_00082014-12-02_0009

Favorite!!! 2014-12-02_0001

2014-12-02_0012Aren’t they so cute together? 2014-12-02_0013So, so, so, so beautiful! Literally took my breath away! Melissa did an amazing job with her makeup!

Liz and Carlos, thank you for not only being our family but some of our biggest fans! Thank you for always supporting us and cheering us on. You lift us up and always see the best in both of us. Liz, you are the sister I never had and I thank you for always being an important part of my life. We love you both so much and are beyond grateful for your life!

-Kristy & Vic

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