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Marriage Files | Part 6

If you saw our post about The Why Behind our Business, you know that we strive for our business to be about much more than pretty pictures. We want to impact marriages and make a difference in our couples’ lives. We want to be more than just wedding photographers, but an example of a successful marriage. We are nowhere near the “perfect marriage” (which by the way, there is no such thing), but we do know what has worked for us and may work for others! So this friends is where this series comes in: The Marriage Files. In this series, we share marriage advice and tips that have helped us throughout our marriage and strengthened the bond that we have. Whether it is advice that’s been given to us, or things that we found worked due to trial and error, we’re sharing all the things that edified our lives together and will hopefully help other couples strengthen their marriages as well! If you’re new to The Marriage Files, catch up with the first one here before you get started. If not, welcome back and here’s Part 6 in our series for couples and marriages! :)


The Marriage Files: Part 6 

If you’ve followed our blog or know anything about us, you know that our marriage is centered in God. We are believers and we try our best to live the life God intended for us as a marriage. This is not to say that we are anywhere near any sort of perfection, or that we have it all figured out. If there’s one thing you need to know about marriage is the NO ONE has it figured all out. We all struggle, we all fail, and we are all just trying our very best, taking it day by day. So when I say that our marriage is centered in God, it does not mean we are “holier than thou”, it simply means we are working everyday to have a marriage where God is first and foremost, and yes, that does mean He comes even before each other. Now if you feel that this is already getting too “religious” or “fanatical” for you, then you should probably stop reading now. Our next piece of advice, may be something that most people do not want to do, but it’s something that we have experienced first hand as a full-proof way to make your marriage better. So, our next piece of advice for your marriage: PRAY!

1. Take time to pray for your spouse 

There you go friends, I said it! And I’ll say it again… pray! That’s the big secret that we have that helps our marriage succeed and thrive. Vic and I met at our church and since I met him, I have been praying for him. Now lets be real, have I prayed every single day, without ever missing a day? NO WAY! But, I have made it a point to have a life of prayer and communication with God. This is what has kept us and our relationship. We pray for each other. I pray that God guides him and strengthens him, I pray that he will always love God more than he loves me, and I pray that he can be the man he needs to be to lead our family. Maybe you’re saying “I don’t know how to pray” well the good thing is that neither does anyone else. There is no right or wrong way to do it, and the only thing you do have to do is speak to God from your heart. Lifting up your spouse in prayer will help you see them in a new light and will help you fall even more in love with them!

2. Pray for yourself

The majority of people like to blame others for their problems and situations. Many of us do not look to ourselves to see if we are the problem or if the decisions we’ve made are the ones to cause the problems. The same goes with prayer. A lot of us will pray for our spouse and ask God to change them, when we really should be asking God to change us. We should be praying to be better spouses, we should be praying that we can be better listeners, helpers, motivators and more. Be real with God and ask Him to change those things in you that don’t allow you to be the best spouse you can be.

3. Make time to pray together

One of my favorite things to do with Vic is to pray together. We come in agreement and pray for those things in our lives where we need God. We pray for our circumstances and situations and we pray for our marriage. When we come into agreement our prayers are more powerful and we connect on a level I cannot put into words. Praying with your spouse will allow you to bond and grow closer. It will allow God to take control of your marriage and build it up. Prayer is your most powerful weapon, all you have to do is use it.

Some of you reading this may not even know where to start. Well, find a quiet place, away from everyone and just start. There is no better time than right now! I encourage you to start praying today! If you’ve never done it, that’s totally ok! Just speak to God and open your heart. I can promise you that your life and your marriage will never be the same!

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