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Perez Art Museum Anniversary Session| Merilyng + Martin

When your sweet friends and past #kandvbride and #kandvgroom come down from Orlando to visit, you have to take pictures of them! Our friends Meri and Martin stayed with us for a few days this past weekend and we are SO happy that we were able to spend some time with them. You may remember these two from their wedding in Orlando last year! Their one year wedding anniversary just passed and we thought it would be  perfect excuse to take some portraits of them. (But really, who needs an excuse to take pictures of these two anyways)

We truly cherish our friendship with Meri and Martin and, while we are sad that they live so far away, it just makes it that much better when we do get to see them.  We went to the Perez Art Museum and we fell in love. It was actually our first time shooting there and we can’t wait to shoot there again! Here’s more of Meri and Martin’s anniversary session.

Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0328Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0329Tell me those hanging gardens aren’t the coolest?!? Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0330We LOVE these two SO much! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0331Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0332Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0333Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0334Gah! So absolutely gorgeous!!! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0335Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0336Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0337This image is so “Miami” donthca think?
Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0338Miami-anniversary-photographers  Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0340Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0341Her freckles are so adorable! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0342Definitely a favorite!!! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0343Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0344Hahahaha! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0345Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0346Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0347Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0348Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0349My friend, you are GORGEOUS!!! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0350Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0351Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0352Crouching tiger, hidden photographer! Perez-Art-Museum-portrait-session_0353Meri and Martin, we loved having you stay in our home and we can’t wait to see you again soon! You both are people we truly cherish and we love you so much!

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