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For my entire life, I have had an amazing example of marriage and what it means to have found your soulmate. I saw, day in and day out, what it meant to love past any imperfection and I will never take for granted the fact that my parents are still together. They’ve left a legacy of selflessness and what it means to live for someone else and I’ve always seen that evident in their lives. Were there rough times? Of course! Did they fight? You bet! But as a child, I always saw them forgive and move on. And even as an adult, I’ve noticed how they compliment each other and they’ve taught me that you never stop working and fighting for your marriage. I’m grateful that God is the center of their marriage and He is the reason they are together all these years later because God restored their relationship when their marriage almost fell apart at one point. They have given us an example of a God-centered marriage and although it’s not daisies and roses every day, we know its absolutely worth it!

I’ve never doubted that my parents love each other and when we recently had them in front of our cameras, it was all the more evident to me. They recently celebrated 31 years of marriage! Guys! Thirty-one YEARS together as husband and wife and the snuggles and giggles haven’t stopped after all these years. We knew we had to get some time in for photos to celebrate this amazing milestone and we couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! We’re excited to share some of our favorites from my parents anniversary session!

miami anniversary picturesThe light was seriously SO magical! miami photographerI’m telling you… all the giggles! south florida wedding photographerLove this picture on the right! Isn’t my momma gorgeous?! 

Mom and Dad, thank you for giving us an example of what it means to have God as the center of marriage. Thank you for sticking it out on the bad days and celebrating the good days. Thank you for leaving a legacy of marriage and love. We love you both SO much!

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