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Killian Palms Country Club Wedding | Stephanie + Frank

This past weekend we had the honor and privilege of capturing Stephanie and Frank’s big day! From the moment we first sat down with them to discuss their wedding, we knew they were going to be so much fun and an amazing couple to work with. The way they make each other laugh and love each other is everything we could ask for in a couple! The few days leading up to their wedding Stephanie was so nervous about everything, but we kept assuring her that everything would be perfect, and it truly was! Frank of course was cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire day. He’s such a wonderful person and is one of the most kind-hearted guys we have ever met.

They started their day getting ready at the Marriot alongside their closest family and friends. When we entered Stephanie’s getting ready suite we were in a dream! She told us she read our Bridal Guide and made sure there was plenty of room and natural light streaming in. (You see what I mean, they were so amazing to work with) As their day continued we were just so excited for them to see each other and to get them in front of our cameras. We enjoyed ourselves so much during the entire day and we are so excited to share this stunning wedding with you!

Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0491Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0492Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0493How cute are these hangers? She had one for each bridesmaid and the flower girl as well! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0494This watch has so much meaning to Frank. It belonged to his father, who passed away three years ago and Frank wore it on the most important day of his life. Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0495Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0496Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0497Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0498Valentina has to be the cutest flower girl we have ever photographed and was such a great helper as Stephanie was getting ready. Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0499Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0501Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0500This dress was SO stunning! It’s like it was made for her Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0502Stephanie’s dad helped Frank get ready and was his best manGrand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0503Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0504We never, ever get tired of first looks! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0505Let’s talk about his reaction! Love this!! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0506Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0507Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0508Although there were a few bumps along the way and things fell behind (which is completely normal on a wedding day) these two made pictures a priority and were so amazing with both of us!
Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0509Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0510Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0511These were the cutest and spunkiest kids we’ve encountered on a wedding day! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0512Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0513That look! It can melt anyones heart! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0514Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0515First kiss as husband and wife! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0516Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0517I’ve never seen such an excited ring boy! He had us laughing so hard during the bridal party portraits! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0518Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0519Love, love, love!
Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0520Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0521A very special thank you to our friend Paul who assisted us and was an awesome veil holder! Miamil-Wedding-PhotographersGrand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0523Oh gosh! Look at this gaze miami-wedding-photographersGrand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0525Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0526Can we talk about how cute these cake toppers are?!Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0527Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0528First dance as Mr. and Mrs. RodriguezGrand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0529And then once everyone settled down for dinner I stepped outside to get something. I saw how gorgeous the light was and asked Stephanie and Frank if they wanted to sneak out for some more pictures. We couldn’t have been more excited when they said yes! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0530Smiley kisses are my absolute favorite!!
Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0531Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0532Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0533Love this one! (I am definitely loving a lot of images for this wedding haha)
Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0534Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0535Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0536That light!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! My favorite!!! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0537Then we rejoined the party and they danced the night away! Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0538Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0539Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0540Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0541Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0542Grand-Salon-Reception-Hall-Wedding-Pictures_0543

Stephanie and Frank, we had such a blast with you both and your family! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the most important day of you life. We wish you all the best on this new journey as husband and wife. We love you guys and welcome to the married club!


Venue: Killian Palms Country Club

Dress: Maggie Sotero  (Coral Gables Bridal) 

Hair and Makeup: justNaivi

Florist: Glamour Floral Creations

Cake: Divine Delicacies

Dj: Concept Music

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