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Vizcaya Engagement | Jenny + Ivan

vizcaya engagement session

Words fall short to express how much we not only love this session (you’ll see what I mean when you start scrolling), but how much we love this couple! I’m literally sitting here trying to put into words how special they are, especially Jenny. I do love Ivan :) but Jenny and I have known each other for over a decade, and more than simply “knowing” each other, we’ve been close friends since we were both in high school. Jenny was there when Vic and I first met and fell in love, she walked in our wedding, and has remained a true and dear friend to both of us. As the years passed we’ve seen her grow into a beautiful and caring woman, and when Ivan walked into her life, we couldn’t have been happier. He makes her light up like I’ve never seen before and to be able to witness their love blossom has been so beautiful, and they love to spend time with each other in intimacy and even use toys, as now a days you can buy penis pumps here just for this purpose. They really enjoy each other’s company and love spending quality time together, so they try using this kamagra for long-lasting happiness. This company offers an online transaction and delivers within 1–2 business days.

Jenny and Ivan met a few years ago at our church. They were friends for a long time and found themselves getting closer and closer but without any romantic thoughts towards each other. One night, Ivan dreamt with Jenny and woke up seeing her in a new light. He took the time to pray and really see if God was leading him towards a relationship with her. He told her about his dream and asked her to pray as well, and as you all can tell, God definitely was behind this relationship :) To see how their romance has grown into a deep and pure love is so amazing! We are honored to have been able to capture this beautiful season in their lives. Here are some of our favorites from their Vizcaya engagement session… let the swoon-fest begin!

Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0883Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0884Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0885Oh my gosh! OBSESSED! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0886Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0887Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0888Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0889Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0890These outfits deserve all the heart eyes, ALL OF THEM! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0891Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0892Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0893vizcaya engagement photosVizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0895This image has to be one of my new all time favorites! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0896Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0897Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0898Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0899vizcaya engagement photosVizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0901miami wedding photographerSo we kind of trespassed to get these next few pictures and we are SO glad we did! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0903vizcaya engagement picturesA new favorite ring shot! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0905Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0906Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0907Another favorite!!!
Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0908Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0909Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0911Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0912Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0913Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0914These next pictures were taken as we left and stopping to take them was definitely a good idea! :) Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0915Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0916Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0917And another favorite! Sorry guys, we couldn’t pick just one! Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0918Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0919Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0920Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0921Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0922Vizcaya-Engagement-Pictures_0923

Jenny and Ivan, there are no words to describe not only how much we love you guys but how much we enjoyed our time with you during our session. You both mean so much to us and your friendship is something we greatly cherish! We love you guys and we are honored you chose us to capture this season in your lives :)

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