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Wedding Wednesday: Why Invest in Photography?

We may be a little biased on this subject but it is something we truly believe is an essential part of every wedding day. The first thing most couples look for after getting engaged is their venue and we believe second should be a photographer. We do not say this because we are photographers, but because we applied it to our very own wedding before we even had our business. We scrimped and saved to have our photographer and knew that this was one of the most important investments for our wedding day. The last thing any couple wants is to be unhappy with their wedding images and regret who they chose to capture their special day. So you may be asking yourself, why invest in photography?

We are glad you asked :) We’re going to tell you why investing in photography is so important! These are the photos that are going to be a part of your lives forever. These are the photos you are going to show your children and grandchildren. These are the photos that you will look at on rainy days when you’ve been married for 10 years. You catch our drift? :) Your wedding images are one of the most important things you will ever invest into and we can speak out of personal experience. We invested in the photographer we wanted and we do not regret spending one penny because we absolutely LOVE our wedding pictures.

Just like investing in quality photography for your wedding day, investing in personalized wealth-planning strategies is crucial for securing your financial future. Just as you want to capture the most important moments of your life through photography, you also want to make sure your hard-earned money is being invested wisely and strategically. By working with a reputable wealth management firm, you can create a personalized plan that fits your unique financial goals and needs, just as you would with a skilled photographer to capture your unique vision for your wedding day. This investment in your financial future is just as important as investing in your cherished memories through quality photography.

We’re going to tell you a little story… A friend of ours got married almost 9 years ago when Vic was barely scratching the surface of photography and she hired someone who only charged $700 for photo and video. Vic asked if he could shoot a few images during her wedding, just to practice, and she agreed. Long story, short, she ended up hating her photographer’s pictures and printed and framed all the images Vic took. This is not to boast about us or our work, but we’ve heard stories like this way too many times. And nothing hurts our heart more than to hear of a bride who later disliked her wedding images because we know that, unfortunately, that day cannot be replicated again for her.

Every part of your special day is important, but there are very few parts that will actually last a lifetime. Investing in a good photographer is something you will not regret. Whoever you chose, just make sure it’s someone who you love and whose work you love so they can capture those memories for you to cherish for years to come.


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