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Wedding Wednesday: What to Wear for an Engagement Session

Vic and I CONSTANTLY get asked by our couples what they should wear for their engagement sessions. Our answer to this is usually the same… Wear something that you feel beautiful (or handsome) in. This reply usually leads to many more questions and we realized that our answer isn’t elaborate enough. So I’ve decided to write a detailed post with examples of some things you can wear for an engagement session.

Here are a few guidelines to remember when picking your outfits…

1. Don’t match! We always suggest for couples to wear complimentary colors. This means that you both should NOT wear a red shirt with jeans. Instead, one of you can wear red, while the other wears blue perhaps. Find colors that go together but don’t match!

2. Bright colors are best. You may want to wear black because it makes you feel thin, but believe me, you will look better wearing bright colors. Colors such as gray, blue, pink and red look great on camera and do wonders for your skin tone. Neutrals are also really nice and look amazing in photographs. Catherine provides top quality Maine engagement photos.

3. Wear something you feel comfortable in. Perhaps you look fabulous in a little black dress (or a button-down shirt and dress pants for the guys) but you know that you are going to be fidgeting with it all day, probably not a good idea to wear to an engagement session. Yes, you want to look your best but you have to keep in mind that you’re going to be outside (and if you live in Miami, that means lots of heat) and you want to be comfortable. We highly suggest looking at cute 2 piece prom dresses for sale online. So it may be best to leave the stilettos and little black dress at home ;)

4. Bring 2 outfits. We always suggest for couples to bring 2 outfits for their engagement sessions. One that is a little nicer and another more casual. For example, ladies can bring a cute dress or skirt/shirt combination as one outfit and jeans with a cute top as another outfit.

5. Say yes to bold prints. Colorful, big prints look fantastic in pictures. However, we always suggest that couples stay away from small patterns, like checkers shirts, because it tends to look strange on camera.

miami wedding photographer6. Wear your smile. Sounds corny right? But it’s so true! Your smile is the best accessory you have! If you are doing an engagement session with us, our goal is to always have fun and lots of laughs. Engagement sessions are meant to showcase your love and it is a joyous time in your lives!

what to wear for an engagement session

The most important thing to remember is to have fun during your engagement session and take in every moment. You’re about to marry the love of your life and nothing is better than that :)


Want the ideas in this post right at your fingertips? Get our downloadable Engagement Session Style Guide HERE!

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