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Behind the Scenes Bloopers 2017

So I know we’ve said that the last two posts have been our favorite but this next post is really our favorite favorite :) We shared all the pretty images for this past year in our Best of Engagements and Best of Weddings posts and now we get to share all the fun we have while taking these photos! And we started this fun tradition of posting our Behind the Scenes Bloopers in 2015 and you can see last years behind the scenes post here. While this could potentially be our most embarrassing post of the year, it’s also (in our humble opinion) the funniest. We absolutely love our jobs and the amazing couples we get to serve and we truly have the best time doing what we love together! We take thousands of images throughout the year and, every once in a while, we catch each other in action or use one another to test the light and these sometimes turn out to be the funniest photos we take all year!

We constantly get asked how we can work together and it’s usually followed by a comment about how they would kill their spouse if they worked with them. I think one of the answers to this is that we have fun and no matter what happens while we are working, we always take a moment to have fun and laugh! So you may either laugh with us, or laugh at us after seeing these pictures but no matter what you’re laughing ;) Here are some images from our behind the scenes blooper reel!

So we’re gonna start this off with the one thing we cannot live without throughout any session or wedding day…

And although I’m the one that’s only 5 feet tall, Vic likes to use our trusty stool sometimes too! When I’m not standing on our stool, I’m usually lugging it around Not even sure what was happening here! Hahaha! But when my stool isn’t available, I just revert back to my ballet days :)
We will stand on almost anything to get that extra height we need! Even if it means almost falling as well! Before we shoot we always test our light, and apparently I’m always excited about it! Every once in a while we don’t make a ridiculous faceBut it’s very short lived! Bring on the duck faces and peace signs ;) The best part of testing the light is when you have someone else to test it with you! Idana is my favorite light-testing partner :)
When she’s not around though, I just pretend she’s there

Or I pretend to be the bride myself!Cake is another thing that always makes us excited :)But I get very serious when explaining how to cut the wedding cake.And every once in a while I get caught eating appretizers on the job! Veils are another huge part of wedding day portraits… So whether I’m putting them on our brides (which seemed to upset Wayne very much lol)…Or throwing them in the air…

Or hiding under them with our couples…Or laughing with them… we love our veil shots!
Every once in a while I also have to tap into my hairstylist role…No matter what we have to do, serving our couples is our top priority :) Whether it be helping a bride put on her shoes…
Or helping carry her dress…Every once in a while we get some major competition We like to give very clear directions on the wedding day, like showing our brides how to sleep standing up! Or how to push their grooms if they are fighting! And there’s always a whole lot of pointing going on throughout any given wedding day or engagement session We get carried away sometimes though…
This picture cracks us up! “Walk like this” That one wedding this year when it rained and we had to improvise but our couple were such troopers about the whole thing!
Apparently, I wasn’t too sure what was happening here. “I think your dress goes like this?”
“Is this thing on?” Who knows why I was running, but apparently I had something very important to say to them!
Uh oh, I better get off the bed! I was showing her how to twirl but it really looks like I had a few drinks!
I get very excited when my camera works And when the bridal party does what we ask! We will never miss a chance to party and dance during a wedding
Especially when our couples ask us to dance with them :)
I often get distracted by how much I love what we do! The very best part of a wedding day is when we get to show our couples exactly how to pose. Really it’s just our excuse to snuggle a little ;) Ummm I think his neck broke And at the end of the day, these reactions are what we truly live for! 

To all of our couples, thank you for loving us and allowing us to be silly around you and have fun with you on your wedding day!

While there may be a few embarrassing photos in here, we’re ok with it. Becuase when we look back on all these photos we get to remember how much fun we have at each and every wedding we shoot. We are privileged to be a part of our couples lives throughout this awesome season and we truly LOVE what we do! 2017 was a phenomenal year and we’re excited to see all the fun 2018 has in store for us :)

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