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Europe Trip 2018

Alright friends, we are SO late on posting the images from our trip to Europe at the end of this past year! The fall of 2018 was a busy season for us filled with weddings, engagements, sessions, travel, and the holidays. We finally had the time to narrow down the images to share with you all from our trip in October. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were boarding our first transatlantic flight and crossing this trip to Europe of our bucket list! And one of the best parts of it all was that my brother and his wife joined us as we traveled to a few amazing cities in Italy and Greece!

We had been dreaming of taking a trip to Europe since before we were married. And at the beginning of 2018 we began our research and endless search for the best deals and times to travel. We had a small window of time between weddings at the end of October and saw that the prices were definitely better that time of year as that’s when the season winds down. We went back and forth between flying and taking trains all around these countries we wanted to visit or taking a cruise that would hit our top destinations. We ultimately decided that a cruise would be the best option for us since it was our first time going to Europe. We booked a Norwegian cruise that hit Vic’s top destination (Italy) and my top destination (Greece) as well.

Exactly a week before we left, we found out that I was pregnant! It was so exciting but it made this trip a little rougher for me than usual. First, the overnight flight from Charlotte, NC to Rome experienced some turbulence that made me SO sick but once we landed in Rome I was fine. I just wished we had booked a private plane like the ones at Jettly.

Back to the story, we explored Rome for the day before jumping on a train to Venice from which our cruise departed. The train ride wasn’t too bad and we headed straight for the ship as soon as we arrived in to Venice (it was raining so we wouldn’t have enjoyed the city anyways) Now what really threw me for a loop was the insane amount of motion on the boat as we went from Venice to our first port of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Needless to say, even the crew members were sick due to the 10-12 foot waves we experienced that day! We missed our second port in Montenegro because the seas were so rough but other than those few hiccups, this trip was a wonderful experience!

Other than the first 2 days where I got very sick, this trip was truly a dream! We explored so many beautiful cities and ate such amazing food. We’re so grateful that God allowed us to take this trip before we welcome this little babe into the world! It was the perfect way to end 2018 and we’re excited to share some images from this trip! Be prepared to scroll a whole lot because this is a long post :)

We’re starting off with the first day we had exploring Rome!

The Coliseum is everything you could dream and more! Truly an amazing sight Another breathtaking structure was the Arca de la Patria! And we fought the crowds to see the Fontana de Trevi But the best part… the pizza and gelato! A rainy day in Venice but the little we saw before getting on the cruise was beautiful!
This was the view as we pulled out of the port in Venice Our first port of call was Dubrovnik, Croatia. This city was absolutely stunning and being HUGE Game of Thrones fans we did the GOT tour around the city! Since it was raining the entire day, we left our camera in the cabin so all these images were taken with our iPhones :)
The steps from Cersie’s walk of shame! And we had to take a picture with Tyrion and the Iron Throne! This was Montenegro and although we missed the port we still docked in that country to get paperwork. We were so sad we missed this port because this country looks absolute gorgeous! Now back to photos with our camera when we visited our next stop: Athens, Greece! We did a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus and it was so easy to get around the city that way. We loved the history in Athens and the architecture was amazing! And of course, more gelato :) The next stop was our favorite one of the entire trip: Santorini, Greece! Y’all ain’t ready for this amazing island! And of course we kept stopping to take pictures as we walked through this beautiful city! I’m pretty sure we were trespassing on this property but it was SO worth it! These are some of our favorite images from the entire trip! We, of course, had to also take some pictures of my brother and his new wife!And since we already knew we were pregnant, we had to take a baby bump photo, even though at 6 weeks pregnant it only looked like a food baby! :)
A very accurate depiction of how excited I was to be in Santorini!
Our only objective in Santorini was to explore and take photos of each other and I think we accomplished that! This sweet lady was the real MVP of the entire trip! We had THE BEST gyros we’ve ever had in our lives right in this spot and we had to take a picture with her! Next stop: Napoli, Italy We chose again to use the Hop-On, Hop-Off bus to get around the city and it turned out great! We then had THE BEST pizza we’ve ever had in our lives! Goodness gracious, we would go back just for this! 

This trip was honestly such an amazing experience and being able to live it with Jon and Val was the icing on top of the cake! We loved this trip so much and hope you enjoyed reliving it through this post :)

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