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Matheson Hammock + Plymouth Congregational Anniversary Shoot | Roxy + Frank

We love capturing couples, in every season of their relationships, but there is something SO special about a couple that has been married for a long time. They know each other on a deeper level, they have loved through many stages of their marriage, and they’ve stuck it out through ups and downs. Roxy and Frank have been married for 10 years! 10 YEARS people! That’s an amazing feat now-a-days and these two could not be more in love! We’ve known then for several years and can say from first-hand experiences that they are a true example of what marriage is supposed to be like. Ask anyone who knows them and they will tell you what an amazing example they have been to other newlyweds. They make each other laugh, hold each other tight, and have a glow about them when they’re together (and it’s not just in front of the camera) They are this cute with each other all the time!

We are so honored to have been able to capture their love together and celebrate 10 years of marriage with a photo session. We started out at Matheson Hammock Park and finished the session at Plymouth Congregational Church. Not only is the church gorgeous, but it has special meaning to them because it’s where they tied the knot 10 years ago! We could not have been happier to have these lovebirds in front of our cameras and we are so excited to share some of our favorites from their recent anniversary session!

Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0041Matheson hammock parkMatheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0043Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0044Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0045Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0046Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0047Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0048Matheson hammock park anniversary picturesAren’t they the cutest!?Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0050Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0051Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0052Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0053I mean seriously, SO MUCH JOY! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0054Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0055LOVE! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0056Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0057Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0058Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0059He almost dropped her from how hard he was laughing here! miami wedding photographerMatheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0061Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0062Oh, this church just made us swoon!
Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0063Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0064plymouth-congregational-anniversary-shootAnd let’s just talk about how great these two look after 10 years of marriage! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0066Plymouth Congregational church picturesMatheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0068Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0069Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0070Roxy, you are STUNNING! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0071Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0072Gosh, there are so many favorites from this session! Look at this snuggling!Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0073Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0074Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0075plymouth church anniversary picturesMatheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0077Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0078Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0079They were all giggles the entire session and we LOVED it! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0080Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0081Favorite!! Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0082Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0083Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0084Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0085Matheson-Hammock-Anniversary-Pictures_0086

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