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Wynwood Walls Engagement | Alissa + Gian Paul

We met them in the crowded streets of the Wynwood Walls art district. There were so many people there that we were afraid we were going to have to cancel their engagement session! But amidst the mob of people, Alissa and Gian Paul were so calm and collected, like no one else was even there! They were easy-going and laid back, willing to hold a pose as we waited for groups of people to pass in front of them, and more often than not, just stare for a while as they walked pass us. This was the engagement session that almost didn’t happen but we are oh so glad it did!

Alissa and Gian Paul met through their families, who’ve been close friends for a long time. Gian Paul actually lives in Jacksonville, FL and for these past 5 years, they’ve had a long-distance relationship only communicating via Facebook at first, but then talking regularly on the phone and via Skype. They are able to see each other on holidays and special occasions like last Saturday when we met up for their engagement session. The way they held each other, laughed together, and interacted was so beautiful to witness and capture. It was our first time meeting these two in person, and we already love them! And we know you guys will love them too! Here are some of our favorites from Alissa and Gian Paul’s Wynwood Walls engagement session.

Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0408Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0409Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0410Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0411This has always been one of my favorite walls in Wynwood! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0412Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0413Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0414Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0415Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0416Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0417Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0418The walls in Wynwood are constantly being changed and new artists are asked to put up their work. I have to be honest, I’m going to be a little sad when this particular wall is repainted! wynwood walls engagement picturesWynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0420Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0421Love this! Alissa rocks that model face like you wouldn’t believe! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0422Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0423Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0424Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0425Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0426Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0427Oh that light! Wynwood walls engagementWynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0429Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0430Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0431We love how unique this ring is! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0432wynwood wallsWynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0434Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0435Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0436Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0437Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0438Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0439Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0440This is my new favorite image ever taken! I love everything about this picture! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0441Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0442Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0443Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0444LOVE this SO much! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0445Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0446Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0447Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0448Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0449Alissa, you are seriously stunning girl! Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0450Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0451Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0452Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0453Wynwood-Walls-Engagement-Pictures_0454

From beginning to end, this engagement session was full of fun and lots of love! Alissa and Gian Paul we can’t wait for your wedding in April! We will be counting down the days!!!

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