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Downtown Naples, Florida Engagement Pictures | Jessica + Francisco

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Joy. Absolutely pure and amazing joy. That is exactly what these two show when they are together and exactly how they make you feel when you’re around them! We’ve had a lot of couples in front of our camera, and they are all wonderful, but there is just something so special about Jessica and Fransisco. It’s hard to put into words what we experienced during our time with them. There was WAY too much squealing and I’m sure they thought I was crazy from how many times I told them I was going to put them in my pocket. I mean really guys, look at them! Wouldn’t you want to just put them in your pocket?! Anyways, today is just cuteness central over here and we are not complaining one bit!

Jessica and Fransisco (or, as we call him, Frankie) came to our house and picked us up for the two hour drive to Naples. Guys, they drove two hours for their engagement session, with us in the car! Haha! Funny thing is, the car ride was one of the best parts. We talked, we laughed, and we realized what sweet and genuinely kind people they are. We are SO glad we took that drive because this session was absolutely flawless and better than we could have even imagined! Jessica (who is fond of cowboy boots women) and Frankie met a little over a year ago at a dinner party that Jessica wasn’t even supposed to be at. Sparks flew, Frankie swept her off her feet, and 7 months after their first date, he popped the question! Their chemistry is undeniable and we are overjoyed that they chose us to capture their engagement session and their big day! Now the only part we don’t like… we have to wait all the way until January to get them in front of our cameras again! But for now, here are some of our favorites from Jessica and Francisco’s Downtown Naples engagement session this past Saturday!

Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0003Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0004Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0005When this is one of the first few frames, you know you’re in for an amazing session! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0006Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0007Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0008Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0009LOVE this one SO much! Note: I will be saying this a lot during this post… you have been warned :)Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0010downtown naples engagement portraitsDowntown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0012I mean just look at them! Downtown naples engagement picturesdowntown naples engagement photosDowntown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0015Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0016Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0017They have to be one of the cutest couples we’ve ever had in front of our cameras! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0018Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0019Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0020Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0021Yes, they danced in the middle of the sidewalk on a busy street without a care in the world! He was even singing a song to her! It’s just too much for my heart to handle! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0022Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0055Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0024Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0025And this little spot is in front of one of our favorite breakfast places in Naples! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0026Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0027Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0028Jessica, I can’t even deal! You are SO stunning! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0029Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0030Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0031Oh my! This ring is a stunner!
Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0032Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0033Then for a quick outfit change and we headed to the beach! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0034Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0035Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0036Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0037The sunset on the west coast of Florida is unreal! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0038Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0039So much love between these two!
Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0056Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0041Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0042Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0043Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0044Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0045Do you see what I mean? How could you not smile looking at these two!? They just radiate pure joy! downtown naples engagement picturesDowntown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0047LOVE this one!!! Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0048Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0049Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0050Another favorite! Naples wedding photographerEven my stool made it all the way to Naples ;) Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0052Downtown-Naples-Engagement-Pictures_0053

Jessica and Frankie, we cannot thank you both enough for being willing to drive those 2 hours to Naples for this session. It was a dream to capture your love and we are honored to be a part of this journey! We are so excited for what lies ahead for you both and we cannot wait to shoot your wedding in January! We love you both!

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